Interested in a personalized art work by me? Here is where to begin.

I've been painting for over decade as a professional artist. In that time I've painted hundreds of painting for happy clients. To get started I'd love to share some stories with you.

Checkout the stories from happy clients!

Portrait for a Hall of Famer

If you''re a fan of MMA fighting then you'll be familiar with the Pride champion Bas Rutten. Bas has also made his way into film and TV as well. A few years ago Bas contacted me to paint a portrait of his family. For being the "liver shot king" he's a swell guy. He sent me a picture of his family and gave me creative freedom. I shipped this 36"x48" painting to California where he got it framed before hanging it in his home. 

A local realtor wants to show off San Angelo

Max Puello is a local real estate agent who has made finding homes for his clients an empire all his own. Max also serves as President of the COSADC which helps develop our local economy. Max contacted me to paint a landscape of San Angelo that he could show off in his office. Max, like most of my clients gave me creative control. This 30"x40" painting fit perfectly in the space behind his desk! 

Butch and Sundance Kid for an Attorney

I was contacted  by a local attorney to create this epic painting for his office after he saw my art hanging at the Roots at the Silo (located at the Chicken Farm). He was already a collector of amazing local artwork. I was honored to have this be the center piece for his office. Interestingly his office was next door to our home so the 36"x48" painting only needed to be walked a short distance for delivery.

A farewell painting for Sealy Flats

Before Rod Bridgman and his wife Denise left San Angelo I was contacted by the Blues Society to paint a special going away gift presented to them at their going away party. Rod was instrumental in my development as a local artist in San Angelo. He was one of the first business owners to give me my break. I'm fovever grateful! 

Portrait for a tattoo legend!

Shanghai Kate is a legend in the tattoo world. Mentored by the legend himself, Sailor Jerry. I was incredibly fortunate to have painted this for her just a few years before she passed in 2022. I delivered this to her studio in Austin and got a few gifts from her! She is an inspiration to all tattoo artists and leaves a legacy behind for everyone to follow. 

A local legend retold

A couple that is building a new home in the country approached me to recreate a legendary mural that was displayed in downtown for decades. For locals, this was a mural of Pancho Villa on the corner of Chadbourne and Concho. After the Angry Cactus renovated the space the famous mural was preserved and now hangs above their bar area. The couple asked me to reimagine the painting in grand form. Sadly the original painting had be worn by the weather and was severely faded. I had to reconstruct the face with my own and take some liberties with the colors and background. This immense 48"x60" canvas was a challenging project but turned out great! An homage to a local legend.

Muhammad Ali for a boxing fan

I was contacted on my website by a collector in California to paint this unique take on a famous fight between Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston. This match is legendary and so is the photograph. I was able to make this even more profound by using bold colors to capture the energy of the moment. Keeping most of the focus on Ali as his stature enveloped Liston. 

Lifted Space Man for a local shop

The guys from Lifted Smoke and Vape contacted me to create this one of kind painting. They were kind enough to encourage me to really let loose. From far away it really does look like an astronaut but up close it's incredible loose and abstract. They loved it! You can see at the location downtown.

Old Town Books 

After helping the owner of Old Town Books with a few initial steps for getting their business started (I used to work as a business advisor for ASU) she approached me to create a painting of her store. She wanted vibrant colors to help capture the energy of the new store. 



How it works

If you have never ordered a custom painting before don't worry, I can walk you through it in a few easy steps. 

2. Then contact me to discuss sizes and pricing. As well as a timeline to complete your painting.

3. Finalize our agreement by paying 50% of the cost up front. This is used to purchase supplies and start the painting. I accept Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp, Check, or Cash.

4. You'll be notified when the painting is completed, and we will arrange shipping, delivery, or a pickup time. The 50% of the cost is due at pickup or right before. I accept Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp, Check, or Cash.

Get to know the artist!

My name is Alejandro. I'm a military veteran, self taught artist, and entrepreneur. After separating from the military as a Combat Engineer I moved to San Angelo and opened an art gallery in 2011. 

It quickly grew to a six figure business which I sold in 2019.

While developing my skills as an artist I also completed my degree in Marketing from Arizona State Univesrity which led to a position working with the Small Business Administration. This allowed me expand my knowledge for starting and growing successful businesses across the Concho Valley. 

During my time in Texas I've deepened my appreciation for the rural west and it's culture. Painting rodeo portraits, Westerns, and pop art is exciting subject matter. Something I truly enjoy capturing on canvas.