"I'm an immigrant, military veteran, raised in Europe, self-taught, professional artist."

Before I get into my bio I pulled this part from it to illustrate something about myself. I don't fit in very well. At least I never feel like I do. Growing up the way I did never got a chance to adjust to my environment before I had to move to another one. I also never connected with what it is to be Mexican, although I was born there and speak the language fluently. 

My perspective is multi layered and sometimes feels like hydra, different heads always trying to get their point of view known. 

I'm a Mexican immigrant, military veteran, self-taught professional artist, raised in Europe and currently living in Texas. If it that sounds complicated, well it kinda is. I'm married with two children that make me grateful to be a dad. My wife, Shelby is my inspiration. She is my true north for most things in life. I've never met someone with so much empathy for all living things. She has the true soul of an artist. We love taking trips to invigorate our artistic souls. Recently our travels have been focused on Missoula, MT and Merida, MX. Both are amazing cities that we enjoy visiting lately. 

Currently I enjoy working from home as I focus on developing my work. I've learned to become multidisciplinary in my art. I love painting with acrylic but I often depart to drawing with charcoal and graphite as well as practice with oils. But my departure ventures further into music production. I'm horrible, lol. But I do it so I can fulfill a childhood dream as well as pick up lessons here and there that transfer to my art. I'm also training for a marathon in June 2024. My first one! So far its been a challenge for sure! But it's taught me to be consistent and push through discomfort. 

Artist Statement

The known use of color, composition, and medium serves as the foundation for both the ordinary and the “discovered”. It is within this framework that humanity's innate curiosity drives the pursuit of knowledge and the revelation of the unknown. As artists, we are tasked with harnessing this curiosity, utilizing our current understanding to explore realms yet uncharted. This exploration is not only intrinsic to human behavior but essential to the creative process itself.

To authentically capture an artistic voice, one must delve into the depths of perception, shaped by personal experiences, emotions, and reflections. How does one perceive a river's flow or the innocence of children at play? What moments stir the soul, resonating as beautiful and poignant? It requires a shedding of societal constructs, historical artistic movements, and external expectations, allowing for the uninhibited expression of one's existence as it intertwines with reality.

The artist's creation becomes a window into the soul, a reflection of their intentional, fearless, and present exploration of self. Only through this clarity can the true beauty of the world be revealed through the artist's eyes.

Moments, to me, are vibrant pulses of energy flowing into and through us, encapsulating the essence of existence. This is the essence I strive to capture in my art - unapologetically authentic. In a world emerging from its slumber, where connections deepen in profound and magical ways, a painting must transcend the visual to touch the soul. To paint what one sees requires a deep connection to the moment, unclouded by false thoughts or emotions.

I am present, buoyant, and enamored by the richness of life. In this state, the world appears both full and weightless, and I find peace within myself, eager to unravel the tapestry of humanity's purpose. With reverence and care, I embrace each moment as it gracefully intersects my path, recognizing shadows and light as characters in the unfolding narrative of existence.

My current body of work reflects this understanding - an expression of emotional presence influenced by the nuances of each moment. Drawing inspiration from artists like Adan Hernandez, Evelyne Boren, Warren Taylor, Leroy Nieman, and Drew Struzan, as well as the post-impressionists, I seek to channel their mastery into my own exploration of consciousness and creativity.

Alejandro Castanon