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I started my artist journey in 2011 after serving in the U.S. Air Force for eight years. I found myself in a new city, far away from my European roots. The land of West Texas is where I began as an artist, and it fuels my inspiration; it informs my past and current works. 


New guide for how to buy art!

I was talking to a client a few weeks ago (who also happens to be a close friend) and he opened my eyes to something. It was his first time buying original art from an artist. Although he was convinced he wanted to invest in art created by a professional artist he felt completely unprepared for how that process worked, or even how art is valued. He suggested a guide! Genius!

So Shelby and I got to work. After a few weeks of drafting, we finally completed the guide. To be clear, I'm using my own experience having owned an art gallery business for 10 years, professional artist for 11, and certified business advisor for 4+. I still don't feel like I have ALL the answers, but I feel pretty confident about what I do know. 

I hope it helps you on your journey to becoming a patron of the arts!

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Looking for a unique gift for the impossible to shop for? Look no further. You're sure to find plenty of gift ideas. I've made a few suggestions organized by collection to make your search easier.

What my customers think.

I've been selling art for over 11 years and have collectors the reach across all 50 states. Here are just some of the feedback I've recieved from my happy collectors.

Chandra E.

“I am the lucky owner of both an original and a print from Alejandro.   Alejandro truly is a gem, and I hope to continue to add to my collection in the future!”

Bas Rutten (UFC Hall of Famer)

"Thank you very much. They look freaking awesome! Really cool, it's huge! Haha, thank you so much!" - Godspeed


My Portfolio

This is just a sample of the work I've created the past 11 years. If you're looking for a representation of my skill level and style, this is the pick of the litter.